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At gunpoint everybody loves you!!

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don’t date anyone who isn’t proud of you

Anonymous said: I think it's time for Niall to step up and be in a relationship for the world to put under the microscope. The rest of the boys (especially Zayn) have been pimped out to the world for far too long with all the girlfriend BS. Either have Niall flying all over the place to see his girlfriend or leave the boys be for at least one fucking leg of the tour. I seriously hope break-ups are right around the corner.


If only M!M/HJPR cared what about the boys images more than their ludicrous PR narratives. I can’t wait til the contract is done. I’m sooo over it and I’m not even the one whose image they are damaging.

all of this! i agree 100%!  I have a feeling the next album will be their best and their last…..

Fetus Harry looking like a normal teenager

Fetus Harry looking like a normal teenager

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when someone steals food from your plate